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Foldnslide Vertically Folding Operable Walls engineered solution is ideal for areas that may have wall obstructions that limit the use of standard vertically folding operable walls with accordion folding elements. We develop solutions to meet the acoustic challenges of variable spaces that are geometrically challenging.Foldnslide Systems ensure user comfort, privacy and confidentiality by exceeding industry standards that reduce ambient noise within meeting and conference rooms. Foldnslide ‘s Systems may be considered a Mirage technology that provides the luxury of transparency, metal, wood or custom cladding with clean lines, a lightweight structure into which a wide range of panels can be inserted. Our range of Vertically Folding Walls are versatile and able to be custom fit to most applications. When you need a vertically folding operable wall system, contact us and let’s get started.


Much the same design as the vertical lift bifold door, our vertical lift interior folding wall systems utilize the same Direct Drive system.

This means there is no visible hardware to be seen from either side of the wall. The motor is mounted above the wall system within the header of the wall. This produces a clean appearance that looks like the surrounding glass wall until activated. Once in vertical motion by the press of a button, you can open up a dividing glass wall to become two rooms or produce a large opening joining the two spaces.

This is a perfect solution to have the ability to close off a meeting room for privacy or open up your office for an inviting open space.

Acoustically, the vertically folding operable walls are made to dampen sound reducing ambient noise within meeting and conference rooms for privacy.

When it comes to safety, our wall systems are loaded with safety features that will not allow operation when a person is under the pathway. Safety is always a top priority.

Safety, Beauty and style. What more can you ask from an operable folding wall system!


Looking for an Interior Folding Wall System to solve your office open space challenges? Foldnslide  Systems has the solutions. When you want to have the ability to divide two spaces or open them up to create one larger office space, our Arc 3D Bifold wall system is the answer. Again the advantage of no visible hardware is obvious. Seamless and classy are the words that come to mind when you see this system in action. The interior folding wall system is built to dampen ambient noise to create private meeting rooms or for any privacy purpose it was intended for. As with all of our models, our inter vertically folding wall systems are able to have custom cladding options to either stand out or blend in with the surrounding decor. Glass (clear or glazed), wood, or any other finish available. When design is of high importance, this system is a great option. Of course the interior folding wall systems are equipped with all the usual safety features to insure safe and proper operation. This means the door stops if anyone or anything is under the door when in operation. The interior folding wall systems are great for offices, retail stores, restaurants, and more. You are only limited by imagination when it comes to what this system can be used for. You will have that “wow factor” you have been looking for when it comes to how it looks and functions. Your visitors are bound to remember the experience.