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فولدن سلايد للخدمات الفنية ذ.م.م.

Was established in Dubai and U.A.E. with the sole purpose and objective to providing complete range  Folding doors in dubai , Framed folding doors Sliding Doors Glass Works Skylight    services. with Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Best Folding Doors in dubai

The Best Approach for getting the customers & fulfilled their requirements without anyhesitation. We provide the best services in town for you to fulfill all of your requirements. The best thing about us that we are the only industry that can make many of the best projects to our happy clients & they will easily be your permanent customers by taking the best services from .!!!We are having a unique approach for your business that takes your business to the next level…We are an established company In the U.A.E & we provide many successful services to our clients.We have a complete range of variety of the following best products which are the best top-notch folding doors in Dubai, Framed folding doors which features sliding capability. We are dealing with the Bifold Series, Glass Works, Pargola Dubai, and Skylight Dubai which are the most likely style in Dubai as well as U.A.E…!!!What are the benefits of the bifold series doors in Dubai to be used for..!!!

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Folding doors dubai


vertical Folding Doors




Glass Staircase

Glass Staircase

Telescopic doors dubai

Telescopic Doors

Skylights Dubai

Skylights in dubai

Bifold Series

  • Folding doors Dubai
  • Framed folding doors
  • frame less folding doors
  • Moveable Partitions
  • Accordion Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Parking doors

Glass Works

  • Glass Staircase
  • Glass Rooms
  • Mirror Works
  • Glass Balustrade
  • Glass shower Enclosure
  • Office Partitions

Pargola Dubai

pargola in dubai
  • Pergola dubai
  • ‘Custom design pergola
  • Pergola for resturant
  • portable pergola
  • Gazebo
  • Residential pergola

Skylights Dubai

Skylights Dubai
  • Skylights in dubai
  • skylights perth
  • Affordable Skylights
  • Glass Roofs
  • Roof pyramids
  • Sliding rooflights

Our services

At Foldn Slide Technical Services LLC we try to assist you with every aspect of Folding Doors . We offer complete service supply & Installation and maintenance support .


We Supply all original or approved products range –  Folding door , Glass Works , Skyligts,blustrades etc


we have network of qualified technical support team. Design assistance to clients, create the safest and most efficient doorways that comply with highest standards.


Our team of experts dedicated to attend emergency calls within 90 minutes round the clock in all days in a week including public holidays to rectify defects/faults

Why you should choose Bifold Folding Doors

For Industrial / Commercial / Home Villa in Dubai

By installing the Bi-fold it will be able to enlighten your house as well as of your office. So make sure that you don’t forget to install these doors without wasting further time as well

  • The bifold series are of the best option to choose as it offers great features it helps to remove boundaries between the people.
  • The Bi-fold doors are very customizable & they can be used in various environments as well…!!!
  • The Bi-Fold doors are very energy efficient & you won’t pay to many bills for that also..!!!
  • The bi-fol doors are made up of long-lasting Aluminum as it is a long-lasting material which also increases your house durability s well.
  • Framed Folding Door
  • folding doors in dubai
  • Frameless Folding Door
  • Framed Slide & Park Door
  • Frameless Slide & Park Door
  •  Framed Pivot Door
  • Frameless Pivot Door
  • Stackable / Moveable Walls
  • Automatic sliding doors

Now the big thing is to remember its space taking. The big advantage of installing this that it takes less space & you would easily be select these doors that take up this door to be installed with.

Folding Doors
Telescopic doors dubai

Why you should choose Glass Works For Your Four Squared Room

A glass door has great importance for being chosen so you have to decide that by using the glass doors to be deal with. It’s the best doors that if you install this you can come into a modern era as well. It will not take much space & you would be able to get the best benefit from installing these glass doors that will able to make yourself a smarter look by installing this Glass Door. It would be definalty a great option for installing this glass door so you can have a great appealing look as well. It would suit your business..!!! Now if you want to know about the best folding doors, then we will also have option grade for you which is the Perla w option. Now, this is the famous option in the UAE as well so what you have to do is to just select this option. And it would be great it would look very elegant and it features a very elegant design as well so all you have to do is to just pick this up, which is the best design as well. Now if you want to know about the best folding doors, then we will also have option grade for you which is the Pergola Dubai option. . And it also shows the ability and very greatness in it. Most of the brains and the people that are living in Dubai love this design very much. So the thing is you have to pick the design, that would be suitable for you too. And this design is very famous in the Gulf countries as well. And maybe your next prefer like this design would be the best for you as well so all you have to do. It would be very nice & after selecting these doors you would take